Vantage Nutrition offers a unique solution to nutraceutical brand owners for the introduction of new products that allow them to expand their product portfolios and drive business growth.

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Forefront of Technology

Our Liquid Encapsulation Technology (LET) is setting a new standard for nutritional ingredients in hard capsules. This allows our customers to introduce new formulations that incorporate liquids, pellets, granules, tablets and powders.

• Incorporates incompatible ingredients in a single dosage
• Unique capsule design to maximize seal integrity
• Assisting with odour and taste masking
• Helps protect ingredients from oxidation
• Complies with relevant regulations

 Forefront of Technology


Focusing on current growth segments, we have developed a range of ready-to-order liquid-filled capsule formulations.

Packaging solutions

Packaging is a crucial element for success of any nutraceutical product. At Vantage Nutrition, we know that look and feel of a product is very important to our customers. Recognising this, our development team is available to deliver overall brand affinity to your products that will help maximise consumer convenience.

About Vantage Nutrition

Vantage Nutrition provides contract manufacturing and formulation services for premium nutraceutical products in liquid-filled hard capsules. With a strong focus on Innovation and Quality, our contract manufacturing services cater to the fast growing nutraceutical industry.

Our world class manufacturing facility is located in the lush green environs of Shirwal, close to Pune, India. This modern facility is equipped with the latest in liquid-fill technology and is compliant with the regulatory framework of FSSAI. Our products ensure that we keep our promise of continuous innovation and the highest quality standards. This is all part of the Vantage Advantage.

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